Schemes of crochet motifs crocheted or not schemas of motifs

The New year is just around the corner, and many families are preparing for the holiday. In my maternity ward, my daughter and I have accumulated a large collection of motifs. We've already tied a red cat (I already have two cute ones), a red hair tie (which is currently in operation), and caught a green braided rope. There will soon be a story about how to tie a red cat (somewhere between cozy sweater and booties). Recently, I saw a pattern of brooches on the patterns "crocodile" and"crocodile pattern". The appeal of these brooches is that you can link them in the future with your own hands, for example. I have already knitted braids for some accessories, but they were small, painful to the hand. Now I want to tie some brooches. It will be interesting to find a small, simple accessory that all knitters will like.Small crochet braids for the Easter treeMy daughter and I have already tied two rows of braids for Easter. The first braids were tied by my sister, who is almost a year old.crochet: diagram of the baseThe second crochet pattern will appeal to many knitters of different ages. I, for example, like the way in which you can link a white braids' braids.crochet: scheme of the future product crochetedObscure knitted braids for the beachAnother knitted braids, which will appeal to many young fashionistas. There is no perfect diagram, but it is clear that the pattern will appeal to everyone. 1 of 2crochet: scheme of the future product Knitted braids for the Easter table This is the brooch in the form of a brooch. It can be used as a gift or as a decoration on the Easter table. The brooch in the form of a brooch will appeal to many young fashionistas.1 of 3crochet: brooch in the form of a brooch will look out if you take a long time to knit itEach product will be a pleasure to your loved ones. You can wait for the holidays and wear these products with pleasure. In the meantime, read other articles on the Internet how to make a cute brooch out of paper.